God, guns & guts made America...  

Let's Keep all three!

Welcome to the American Workers Party!

Ladies and Gentlemen, thrill seekers and loyal friends,

We know you are out there, somewhere, waiting for deliverance from what must come. It already looms on the horizon. Yet few are capable of seeing it. Even fewer are capable of comprehension. Nonetheless, what is predetermined will come to pass… this is the way of the Universe.

By the same token, the ultimate victory has already been set in motion. Tonight we plant the first seeds on this continent. It is up to us to nurture them. For what will grow from these seeds is the medicine which will provide the cure.

Without the cure we will face extinction. There are forces at work here that are beyond our power to control. Beyond anyone’s power to control. The balance is shifting in the world. There will arise new powers and alliances. The old will fall through the result of historic forces. Many will be annihilated. And, what was once an object of pride will be a disgrace so immense that will be impossible to conceal.

You feel it in your heart and soul. You know the truth in every fiber of your being. Yet you choose to ignore it and pretend that it does not exist. Woe to him who tries to hide from his destiny… In the final analysis there is no escape.

We have a choice between life and death. If we choose to do nothing, to sit tight, we will have chosen the path that leads to death. Therefore, we must choose the way of life. For to do otherwise marks us as unfit for existence.

We cannot hide in the past. The past is no more. All that remain are ghosts. In order to survive and evolve we must embrace the present - for good or ill - and live in this present moment.

The future will come, of that there can be no doubt whatsoever. And, when it comes, we shall master it. But, today we must master ourselves!

Please Enjoy Your Stay, and make yourself at home.

For better or worse the world changes on its own. Not even the most powerful world leaders can either institute change or prevent it. The little guy is at the mercy of the Dynamics of Mutation… his life, family, job, everything he has or ever will have, is all up for grabs. In reality he has nothing. Moreover, what he does have will be taken away from him.

Movements all tell us that they are going somewhere. The word "Movement" implies that something is in motion. But, again, we now know better. None of it is going anywhere. The horse is already out of the barn. All the politician is capable of is reacting to conditions and events. Therefore, the politician can never be the master of the first move. Everything he does will always be too little, too late. By the time he leads the brain dead masses to water the water hole will be dried up.

At some point you have to ask, "What’s the point?"

The light at the end of the tunnel is the creation of our own world, governed by our own values. And, of course, the creation and empowerment of a New Man. To do this we do not need to play mud pies with the rabble. All that is required is organization. The catch is that this "organization" is the thing that is completely new and unique…

It doesn’t take very many agents to take over a country. They just have to be dedicated, well placed, and know what they are doing. A little secret compound in the water supply, or better yet Coca-Cola, and the next thing you know most of the men will be homosexuals and the women will be loud and boring Bull-Dykes…

You cannot believe what the US Government tells you. It’s not about the economy - its about natural resources. Oil for now, and next water. Don’t be distracted by misinformation. Don’t be misled by the Enemy. We have seen the future and it will frighten the be-Jesus out of the strongest mind that the System can produce today.

The key is training our people to survive and evolve in a hostile environment.

All the evil that the Enemy has introduced to present society will come back to haunt them. All the visions of human suffering and hell will be their just dessert. You cannot wish damnation on the rest of the world and think you are going to get away scot-free…

The future calls for positive thinking and optimism!

Negative thinking and pessimism lead to defeat and extinction!


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